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Star Empires is one of the Roleplaying forum games that comes from This is where you control an empire to complete various objectives and events in your own hand with all other sovereign/independent nations that you encounter (or not if you want to find them first).

Star Empires is set in early to late space age in science fiction (not entirely realistic) and many strange events happen all around like wars, economies, diplomacies, conflicts, invasions of X near-invincible aliens and many others.

Star Empires was created by Keyguyperson when he decided that we wanted to A: Make his own RP and B: Control an interstellar empire.

NOTE:This wiki is super out of date,do not rely for it on info in the current RP.

Nations & FactionsEdit

I.D.R (Intelligent Domain Republic)

Korpulans (Almost dead, I.D.R have the population, Draconians have the samples.) (Inactive)

AIF (Allied Interstellar Federation)

CDE (Combined Draconian Empire) (Now known as IDU)(Dissovled to AIF,small group went off to protect Valkyries)

Lance Empire (Dissolved to AIF)

The Entirety

Equestria (Activated Protocol Osterhagen and wiped themselves out)(New Lunar Republic group joined the AIF to revive the Equestrians)

UHC(United Human Confederacy)   (Self-Kaboomed themselves)

VNU(Valkyrie Nation of Unity)

Comparison & Differences In Nations/FractionsEdit



NPC & Non-Known NationsEdit




Brotherhood Of Nod

The Followers of the Void

I.D.R Renegades (Rebellion of I.D.R)

Lance Traitors

Human Terrorists

Imperial Resistance

Major EventsEdit

Reaper War

Archangel Major Invasion

Brotherhood of Nod Tiberium Conflict

Riiliiar Appearance

Lance Khala Conflict

Genesis project

I.D.R Renegade's Four-Around Wars

CDE-I.D.R Diplomatic Conflict (Old)

Intergalactic Olympic Championships (First started by I.D.R)

Borg Invasion

Equestrian-Dekertan War

Knights Libera Revolutionary War


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